You've made it to the next step, Discovery Week! Here is a detailed guide explaining how to use the app for the first time and how to complete your Discovery Week.

First Glances

When you log in for the first time you will be met by some intro messages giving a brief overview of the app. Once you have read and swiped through these, you will see another welcome message: 'Your tiney journey starts here' and then below that 'Your Discovery activities and tasks'.

Units to-do:

There are 5 and they include:

  1. Intro to tiney.
  2. Why do the early years matter?
  3. How do young children learn?
  4. What makes a great early learning environment?
  5. What it's like to run a tiney home nursery?

If you click on each unit heading you will be taken to the three modules within these. You will need to work your way through each module one-by-one to complete the unit and move on.

How to complete a unit

  1. Click on to the unit heading. Example - Intro to tiney.
  2. Click on the first module within the unit. Example - Meet the tiney team.
  3. Read the content and watch the videos carefully - perhaps taking notes as you go.
  4. At the very bottom ensure you have tapped the pink box saying 'I've completed this activity' - a green tick will appear with 'Marked as complete' next to it.
  5. You can then press the left arrow to head back to the other modules.
  6. The module will have a green tick by it if complete and you can move on to: Example - Hear from our Home leaders.
  7. Once each module has a green tick by it the unit will be complete and this will be signified by a green tick and '100% complete'.

How to complete an activity

There are 3 types of activities:

  1. 'I've completed this activity' - this is very simple and involves tapping the pink box to show you have watched and read the content.
  2. 'Complete the assessment quiz' - you will need to answer the multiple choice questions about what you have learnt in the module. You will only have 1 attempt at the quiz.
  3. Assessment Quiz (1 question only) - you will need to complete a written answer to a more reflective question. You can pause and come back to these, so consider writing your answer out on paper first, or drafting something in your phone's notes beforehand. Remember to consider your spelling and grammar; we want paragraphs, not sentences, and lots of passion!

Tasks to-do:

At the very bottom your will see your Completed Units and then:

  • Safeguarding Checklist.
  • Learning Environment Checklist.
  • Our Values.

These are quick and easy to do and mainly involve completing 'Yes' and 'No' answers.

Discover tiney Quiz!

This is at the very bottom and will not be unlocked until you have completed all of the units and the tasks.

This video will also walk you through how to use the app and work through your units and tasks!

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