We set a 7 day deadline for completing your Discovery Week as we feel this is more than enough time to work through the 5-6 hours of total content. If you feel that you are unable to meet this deadline, let us know as soon as possible. We like to offer support where we can!

Time Management

This is a great opportunity to improve your time management skills ahead of the training phase. We have tried to create a flexible training experience that fits around whatever you have going on; whether that be your current job, your family, or even just life!

Here are some tips to help you manage your time better:

  • Look at your week ahead: pinpoint the days or the times in the day where you are free. Consider your work schedule, what days are you off? Think about your children, when are they at school or when will they be in bed.
  • Create a plan: decide the days and the times you will set aside for your Discovery Week. Be strict with yourself about keeping this time. Remember, this is the next step in your career so make it a priority.
  • Set reminders: it's all too easy to forget our plans so set reminders on your phone, or put post-it notes on your fridge! Anything that will you help you to remember to complete your tasks.
  • Be savvy: we've created a training tool that can be done anytime and anywhere - use this to your advantage. Whether it be watching the videos on your commute to work or completing one of the 5 minute checklist tasks whilst you wait for your dinner to cook, fit it in around you.
  • Don't rush: you have 7 days! So if you need to pause and come back to it then do. Remember, it is an assessment so consider your answers carefully before submitting them.
  • Asking for help shows wisdom, not weakness: this is one of our values. If you are struggling with the deadline then let us know. Use the messenger service on the app and make us aware.
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