We can't give you all the answers but here are some little tips that might help!

  • Finish within the deadline - you have 7 days to complete your Discovery Week. It is very important you stick to this deadline or make us aware if you are falling behind.
  • Work through in order - our Discovery Week was created with an order for a reason. Try and start from the beginning, at Unit 1, and work your way through. Overall everything will make more sense!
  • Take your time! - Make sure you watch the videos carefully and take in all of the information provided. It's super interesting stuff and will help you when completing the quizzes and answers.
  • Plan your longer answers - we understand it can be difficult writing these on a phone or tablet, but we are looking for detailed responses with thought and passion behind them. If you find it easier to write your answers on paper or on your computer first then please do. You can then copy it over when you are happy.
  • Use the messenger service - if you are falling behind, something stops working or you just need some advice then please chat with us on the app! We are here to help, so use us.
  • Enjoy it - this is the first step towards you becoming a tiney childminder; enjoy the experience and get excited about what could be round the corner!

Good luck!

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