If you have a live tiney profile page then you’ll be able to receive childcare enquiries from families. Families make childcare enquiries through your tiney web profile page by clicking on 'make an enquiry'. They then fill out a simple form to share their requirements.

When a family makes a childcare enquiry you’ll see a notification appear on the ‘Childcare Enquiries’ card in the ‘nursery’ section of the tiney app. All your enquiries will be listed when you tap this card, along with details of the enquiry received and the contact information related to the enquiry.

Responding to enquiries

When you tap the enquiry you'll see the full message provided by the family along with their contact information and preferences. You can email, or call the family to follow up.

Once you’ve spoken to a family, irrespective of the outcome, remember to mark the enquiry as ‘followed up’ in the app so the tiney community team know it’s no longer an open enquiry.

At tiney, our reputation with families and your reputation as a business is incredibly important. As such, we encourage you to stay on top of family enquiries and ensure you’re getting back to open enquiries as soon as you can. Remember, families want reliable childcare, so one of the best ways to set the right tone is to be get back to people promptly when they message you.

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