Local Authority Funded Hours
📝 Some 2 year olds are eligible for 15 hours free childcare per week for 38 weeks of the year (essentially, term time only). All 3 and 4 year olds are eligible for 15 or 30 hours free childcare per week for 38 weeks of the year (again, essentially term time only).

🔴 If you want to deliver funded hours care, you will need to get in touch with the Early Years Team at your Local Authority to find out how to register for this scheme. Sometimes registration is online and quick, other times it can take a while and may involve a home visit - it varies from Local Authority to Local Authority! Please let us know how you get on, and whether we can be of any support here. You'll find useful information about funded hours on this website www.childcarechoices.gov.uk

🏦 Your Local Authority sets the hourly rate of these hours, which is typically lower than the average hourly rate of childcare. Childminders can charge a subsistence rate in addition to the Local Authority's rate to cover the cost of food, nappies, etc. You would be paid the Local Authority funding in the same month the Local Authority releases funds for these places. I.e. it would not be part of the monthly billing schedule.

📓 It's also worth noting that the parents will need to confirm their eligibility for funded hours with their Local Authority. They'll usually be given a code along with email confirmation from the Local Authority. At the point you're registered to deliver funded hours, you'll need to see this before the care begins.

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