Onboarding a new child to your tiney home nursery is an important first step in the family's journey with you. It secures the child's place in your setting, which gives you financial security and the family peace of mind. Setting up the right childcare agreement relieves billing headaches for you and the family later down the line. It's also the point at which essential information about the child is shared with you. Following our family onboarding process is a requirement of your tiney registration - and it's essential that a family completes onboarding before their child starts in your setting. A child starting before family onboarding is complete is a breach of your tiney registration, which may invalidate your insurance.


Family onboarding is the journey you and your new family take to secure a placement in your tiney home nursery.

For you, it involves:

  • Filling out a 'request a contract' form with all relevant information about the placement
  • This includes information about the placements core hours and days, parent/childrens' personal information, rates you've agreed upon, and how the parent will pay for childcare

For the new family, it involves:

  • Signing their childcare agreement with you
  • Getting into the app and paying the first month's instalment to secure their place (if appropriate)
  • Completing their Child Passport, so that you have access to essential information about their child

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