You're ready to onboard a new child, when you've already:

  • Met the family in your tiney home nursery, including the child who will shortly be joining your setting, to talk about about your provision and their requirements
  • Agreed the terms of the placement with the family - you've agreed your rates; your holiday allowance (if appropriate), and that all important start date
  • Begun a conversation about the child's settling in experience

Read on to learn about how to onboard a new child.


In this app, you'll see a button on the homescreen called "Enrol a new child" - this kickstarts a New Enrollement Request and the family will begin their onboarding journey. Click there and you'll walk through a simple form to share important information about the placement. With this information the tiney team will draft a contract to be signed by both you and the parent. We will send this electronically to both parties for signature.

Tip! We aim to turn around childcare agreements as quickly as possible. If you know what type of childcare agreement you need and you have all the information we need to create it, we'll be able to get a draft childcare agreement to you for review within three working days. We can only process complete childcare agreement requests. If questions arise during your first conversations with a family that you cannot answer or you're not sure how best to proceed, get in touch with us before requesting a new childcare agreement.

When we receive your New Enrolment Request, we'll invite your new family to our app and you'll be able to communicate with them directly through our chat feature. Your new family will be able to read more about tiney and explore our collection of tiney tips to support their child's learning at home.

What next?

Once your new family has completed onboarding, the placement is secure.

You'll be ready to:

  • Share your policies with the new family - don't forget to ask them to sign to confirm they've understood them.
  • Plan and share the child's settling in period - it's best to do this with input from the family, so that the child's individual needs are met.
  • Add the new child to your attendance log, so that you can begin to check them in and out of your tiney home nursery every day.
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