How do Holidays work with tiney?
What to do when you or your families take holidays.
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At tiney we believe Rest is Rocket Fuel - people do their best work when they've had the time to fully relax and rest. That means making time for a few weeks of holidays throughout the year.

When we help you create your Childcare Agreement, we will average out the weekly cost of care over 52 weeks for full time contracts, or 39 weeks for term time only, to find a fixed monthly fee that is charged over 12 months. You or your families can take any holiday days throughout the year, with 4 weeks notice given, and you will still earn the same amount each month.

We won't include the holiday clause on Package of Hours Agreements. If you take any holidays, families with these types of agreements won't be charged while you're away.

Some families may not be comfortable paying for holidays when their children are not in care. It's your decision whether or not to charge for holidays (taken by you or the children) - just let us know and we can adjust the invoices as necessary.

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