Tiney remote offices will be closing up from 24th December so our staff can enjoy the Christmas season with families, and we'll be back to work on 4th January.

Since we won't be able to do a payout to providers on the normal date of the 28th, we will do a pre-Christmas payout, and an early January payout:

Payout Dates

Payout on 23rd December: This will be for all payments received from parents until midnight on the 22nd December.

Payout on 5th January: This will be for all payments received from parents from 23rd December up to 4th January.

Any payments received from the 5th January will be paid out on 28th January - you can also always request an additional payout any time in January if some payments miss these payout dates.

Care during the Christmas week

For Package of Hours contracts, it's up to you whether to offer any care during the Christmas weeks - just let us know the hours and we can invoice accordingly.

For Term time only contracts, we expect no care will be delivered over Christmas - this cost will already be built into your monthly contract fee.

For Full year contracts, it's up to you whether to deliver care over Christmas. You are entitled to take some holidays that will still be paid by the parents, however if you don't want to charge for care not delivered during this period, just let us know the dates and we can adjust any invoices.

Invoice dates

For most Core Hour placements, we invoice parents on a fixed date each month. If you have placements where the invoice date falls over the Christmas weeks, we will reach out to you to ask how you want to handle these.

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