It's time to unbox your potential...
Great! You're ready to welcome children into your home. We hope this box provides you with everything you need to get started.
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In this article we'll be taking you through each item in your box and how best to use them – it's a long list, so grab a cuppa and get comfy...

Branding for your home nursery

We want every family to recognise a tiney home nursery when they enter one and be reminded of our shared values and education philosophy. We also want you to feel part of the childcare community we're building and hope that these items help to do that...

tiney values posters: We recommend placing these posters in and area that will be most visible to parents entering your setting – either as a reminder for existing customers or a selling point to potential new ones.

'Our tiney nursery is...' welcome sign: This is a great way to welcome families into your home each day, with a new word to describe your setting – you could even make this an activity with the children!

'Our tiney library' sign: This is the perfect way to highlight your children's book collection to families.

High vis jackets: Keep your tiney children safe when you're out and about with tiney high vis jackets. This will demonstrate to families you care about their safety whilst also advertising yourself at the same time!

Family goodie bags

Everybody loves getting a present... and when it comes to finding families and getting yourself noticed, this is a great way to leave a lasting impression. We've put together a few items that will help you stand out, whilst also highlighting what makes a tiney home nursery so special.

The following items should be placed in your tiney tote bags and given to any potential customers that visit your setting:

'Childcare you can trust' brochure: This brochure highlights tiney's education philosophy and explains what differentiates your tiney home nursery from other childcare options.

'Bubble breaths' tiney tip - Postcard & Bubbles: This is a tiney tip that parents can practise with their child at home – demonstrating the type of activities they can expect from your nursery.

'Your love keeps growing' tiney tip - Postcard & Seeds: Again this is a tiney tip that parents can do at home – reminding them of your nursery long after they've visited.

Have fun and good luck! 🎉

Now you're up to speed with what everything's for, get sharing on social media! It's a really easy way to add content to your profiles whilst marketing yourself for free! Don't forget to tag us @tineyco and use the hashtag #mytineyhome.

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