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Get 3 months of Gold Membership covered by tiney
Get 3 months of Gold Membership covered by tiney
tiney cover the costs for up to 3 months of the premium membership
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At tiney, we're committed to investing in our childminders' success. So after hearing that the Gold Membership has been integral to our community's success in finding parents, we wanted to enable all of our newly registered childminders to be able to use this important platform.

We're proud to be able to cover up to three months of Gold Membership, which gives you the ability to directly contact families. Some childminders can find a solid customer base from using the platform within only 4 - 6 weeks, so while you may not need the whole 3 months, we'll reimburse you as you need.

Benefits of Gold Membership

Here are just some of the benefits of a Gold Membership on

1) Gold Members can message any member and any member can contact Gold Members! You will be able to message any member and they will be able to reply for free. Additionally, any member (including free members), will be able to contact you.

2) Gold members can access the contact details of all members, if they have chosen to make this information available.

3) You will have access to over 350 free online training courses and webinars worth over £500 which will contribute to your CPD

4) Featured profile at the top of the search results. This means you will be way more likely to be viewed!

And many more benefits can be found on the

How to set up your Gold Membership and get reimbursed by tiney:

  1. Create your basic profile on

  2. Upgrade to Gold Membership; select Monthly Payment and make your first payment of £24.99

3. Send proof of purchase to tiney; use intercom within the app to submit the URL of your Gold Membership profile and evidence of 1st month’s purchase of £24.99 (either a screenshot of the payment receipt, or bank statement.

4. Tiney will reimburse you the £24.99 via a digital Visa card which can be spent anywhere online - this will be sent to your email inbox

5. You can request up to three months total of reimbursement for your membership. Follow the same process each month to receive reimbursement from tiney


  1. If you are struggling to make the payment up front, please reach out to a member of the tiney team and we can support you

  2. If you do not wish to continue paying for your Gold Membership after the three months covered by tiney, don’t forget to downgrade your account within the timeframe stated in your account settings (to avoid the next month's charge). You won’t lose any data if you downgrade from Gold Membership to basic.

Check out the Resources section of the Hub to download a checklist for creating a great profile!

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