Meeting your CPD Goals

How tiney support you to learn and log your CPD

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An important part of CPD is to reflect on the learnings and think about how you will implement them in your practice. When we visit our tiney childminders, we want to hear about their learnings, and the impact they've had on children's learning.

To support this, we've made it really easy to log your CPD and reflect on it in the tiney app. Here's how:

  • Head over to the 'Progress' tab in the Learning area of your app.

  • Click on 'Add your CPD' to record any learning you've done, this could be a book you've read, webinar you've attended (including tiney's) or any other format

  • Add your reflections about the Impact (what you've learnt) and the Implementation (how you plan to implement the learnings into your practice) for your CPD

  • Review the total number of minutes you've spent on your CPD, and how far you are towards your 20 hour per year goal

  • Get logging! And think about what other opportunities there are to make learnings to support your practice

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