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Help for tiney homes
Help for tiney homes

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Welcome to tiney tipsActivities that support the EYFS
Data Protection and GDPR for childmindersFind out about your legal obligations as a childminder under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
What happens once I've completed my training?Going in to the registration phase of your tiney journey
Resources for getting your tiney home startedSome pointers on what you might need for your registration visit and where to find it.
Paying your Income TaxHow and when you should register for paying your own tax and National Insurance contributions
Preparing for your home visitWhat you need to do to get your home ready to be registered
Covid Guidance September 2023
Funded hours FAQ's: changes from September 2024What is changing at tiney in respect of funded hours placements from September 2024
Maternity Allowance

What does tiney charge guardians, and what benefits do they receive for joining?When tiney charges parents and guardians, what it means for you, and when it does and doesn't apply
Digital CertificatesEasily access your certificates from the tiney app
How to run a successful induction for your new assistantMake sure your new assistant gets off to a great start at your home nursery
How often should I use the Learning Journal to add EYFS observations?Using your app to assess children and share updates with parents
Assistants: How to become an employerwhat to do if you want to employ your childminding assistant
How to recruit an assistantWant to hire an assistant to grow your business? How and where should you advertise? How could you interview an assistant?
Moving to a New Propertywhat you must do to comply with your registration and allow you to trade in your new home.
What to do if you have a new household member or child turning 16How to complete the checks you need to comply with your registration
Applying to vary the numbers of children you can care forWhat to do if you would like to go over ratio
Why does tiney take a fee and what do I get in return?What are the benefits of being part of tiney? And how does tiney make money?
How to register a tiney assistantYou're ready to bring your assistant onboard so it's time to get their checks and training started!
Guide: How to register with HMRC as a Sole trader (Self employed)
How to register with the ICOAka: The Information Commissioners Office
How to set up your space!How do I set up my space? What if my home is too small? Do I need to buy loads of stuff? Common questions about your home and space.
An introduction to tiney's referral schemeKnow someone amazing with children, who would be a fantastic tiney home owner?
How do I use the 'grow with tiney' training section?Understanding how to get the most from the courses and resources in the 'training' tab of the tiney app
All about the Child PassportLearn all about the Child Passport feature in your tiney app - what it is and why it's an essential part of caring for children.
What are the space requirements for Childminders in the EYFS?
10 tips for using social media to find familiesSocial media is one of the most effective way to find new families. Here's some tips on how to do it well...
How to work out ratiosGuidance on complying with EYFS ratios in your setting
Setting Your RatesTop tips for setting your rates
tiney insuranceHow insurance works at tiney
Your Business SettingsComplete your Business Settings to create childcare contracts
Tiney referral scheme re-launch June 2024Introducing our new referral scheme, first ever referral competition, and some tips and tricks on how to spread the word about tiney

How to prepare for September and the new school year childcare rushHow to boost your contracts over the summer period, and line up placements for September and the start of the new school year
Building your brand whilst training4 ways to start attracting business whilst still training
What can I expect after registration? How long will it take me to establish my business?How long will it take me to find clients? When can I expect to have a sustainable business?
Parent testimonials - how to get them and make the most of themHear from Camelia, a tiney home leader, on how testimonials have made a difference in her setting
How can I run a Summer Holiday Club?tiney's "Fun in the Summer Holidays" F.I.S.H. Clubs!
Naming your tiney homeOur aim is to help you build a successful business and that all starts with a good name – so take the time to get it right from the start.
Say hello to your marketing pack!We've put together a selection of materials to help you market your tiney home and find families...
Build your brand4 ways to make yourself visible and attracting customers
How to launch your tiney home and find familiesCongratulations - you've started your own business! Now all you need is customers...
5 steps to creating your Facebook business pageHow to create a Facebook business page and find families
Why you need a is many parents’ first stop when researching childcare in their area – so having a presence on there is important.
Top Tips for Taking PhotosLearn how to take effective photographs of your tiney home nursery
Setting up a 'Google My Business' pageSetting up a Google My Business (GMB) page is a great way for nearby families searching for childcare to find you.
Managing childcare enquiriesLearn how potential customers can contact you through your tiney profile – helping you offer a professional and seamless experience.