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What to do if you have problems creating an account or logging in
What to do if you have problems creating an account or logging in

Some of the common problems when logging in and downloading the app and how to overcome them.

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Lack of storage

You may need to free up space on your phone, or device, by deleting apps that you don't use or maybe by deleting old videos and photos.

If using an iPhone:

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Tap General.

  3. Tap (device) Storage.

There might be a list of recommendations such as 'Offload unused apps', which can be enabled. You can also 'Manage Storage' to see which apps take up the most space. And finally you can make space by using iCloud photos and by turning on 'Optimise Storage'. Head to the website for more help.

This video may also be helpful if you have an iPhone.

If using an Android you can free up space by deleting photos and backing them up on Google photos. Or removing apps:

  1. Open the Google Play Store app.

  2. Tap Menu - My apps and games.

  3. Tap on the app or game you wish to delete.

  4. Tap Uninstall.

All apps can be added back to your phone and if you bought an app you can reinstall it without buying it again. Head to for more help.

This video may also be helpful if you have an Android.

Update your phone

You may need to update your phone to the latest software in order to be able to access the app.

For an iPhone:

  1. Plug your phone in to power and connect to wifi.

  2. Go to Settings - General - Software Update.

  3. Tap Download and Install.

  4. If a message asks to 'temporarily remove apps' to create more space for the update, tap Continue. These will reinstall after the update.

  5. Follow the instructions on the screen to Install.

For an Android:

  1. Open your phone's Settings app.

  2. Near the bottom tap System - Advanced - System update.

  3. You will see your 'Android Version' and the update status.

  4. Follow the steps on the screen.

I can't locate the emails

Always check your junk first. You can search for emails in the search bar of your inbox using key words such as 'tiney' or 'create account' or even 'Discovery Week'.

If you still can't locate the email then please get in contact with our Advisors.

Incorrect email or password

We know it sounds silly but always check you have typed in the correct email address and/or password. It's very easy to press an incorrect button, miss a capital letter or accidentally type a comma instead of a full stop! Always double check you have typed it in correctly first.

If you cannot remember your password, you can request a password reset on the app. This will be sent to your email address. You can then set a new password using the link and then log in.

Otherwise, please contact one of our Advisors and we can assist you.

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