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What to do if you have a new household member or child turning 16
What to do if you have a new household member or child turning 16

How to complete the checks you need to comply with your registration

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It is a condition of your tiney registration that all household members aged 16 and over must complete full background checks.

This means they must have:

  • An enhanced, home based, child workforce DBS

  • Full social services background checks

  • A known to Ofsted check

Please be aware that convictions or social services history that suggests safeguarding concerns will require further investigation by the tiney safeguarding panel. We may contact the relevant person for further information, and the results of these checks could have implications for your childminding registration.

For a child turning 16:

You can only apply for the relevant checks and DBS from the date your child turns 16 (their birthday). You must apply for these checks within 10 days of this date.

For a new household member:

For new household members including lodgers, returning students, workers in your home who will be present when children are present, and relatives.

In the case of lodgers and people who will be working in your home long term (like cleaners) we highly recommend confirming to them that checks must be undertaken before they sign a contract with you.

You should make them aware of the nature of your business and the importance of the checks that will be done. Failure to apply for the DBS and other checks within 10 days of a new household member moving in to your home, or starting work in your home, would result in a breach of the terms of your registration and possible suspension whilst the situation was fully investigated.

New household members must never be left alone with minded children.

Know the Facts

You are responsible for ensuring that your household members are, and remain safe to live in a childminding premises. You must advise tiney immediately of any incidents that could affect the suitability of any member of your household.

Getting your household members checked

Background Checks

We conduct background checks on all tiney home occupants, including enhanced DBS, Local Authority check and a Known to Ofsted check.

1. Address history

2. Consent For background checks

Please ask your new household member or household member who is turning 16 to complete the new household member form in the app to provide these details.

3. Applying for DBS

How much does it cost?

Each DBS Check costs £44.00 per person, you will be asked for payment at the end of the process.

Why do we need it?

As a Childminder Agency, we have a duty to make sure that all the children in your care are safe and protected. We are legally required to run a criminal background check on all people aged 16 and over who will regularly be in your home nursery. This makes sure we've done our due diligence and keeps the children in your care safe.

What if my new household member already has a recent DBS Certificate?

In order for tiney to accept an existing DBS Certificate it must be enhanced, child workforce and for a home based occupation. It must also be registered with the DBS Update Service. If your household member has all these things in place, then please contact us via the app to let us know the details and send us through a copy. We will confirm if the certificate is acceptable or if a new application is needed.

What details will my household member need before they start?

Each household member should have the following details ready to enter into the portal

  • Address details for the past 5 years

  • Details on any names previously used including dates

  • Documents which prove their identify

What documents will my assistant need before they start?

During the DBS check process you will be asked to upload photos of multiple documents that provide your identity. Valid documents include:

  • Passport (Any current or valid passport)

  • Biometric residence permit

  • Current driving licence photocard - (full or provisional)

  • Birth certificate - issued within 12 months of birth

  • Adoption certificate

  • Marriage/civil partnership certificate

  • Immigration document, visa or work permit

  • Mortgage statement (within the last 12 months)

  • Bank or building society statement (last 3 months)

When taking photos of the documents, please make sure you submit clear photos with good lighting. If we can cannot see the documents clearly, you may need to resubmit.

How to complete a DBS Check

Your assistant will need to complete the DBS portal.

1. Follow this link to access the DBS portal

2. They will need to complete information about their personal history

3. Complete information about address history

4. Upload at least 3 different documents which prove their identity and current address.

What happens next...


A copy of the DBS certificate will be sent to the household member directly. Tiney do not receive a copy of this.

Once received you need to take a clear photo of both sides of the certificate and email a copy to We will confirm receipt of this to you.

Background checks

Once we have received the completed consent form, all background checks will be requested from Ofsted and the relevant local authorities. This process takes on average 4-6 weeks but sometimes longer.

When all checks are returned and we have received a copy of the household members DBS we will send you a message confirming the checks are complete and that tiney have approved your new household member.

Your Responsibility

Should you become aware of a change in your household member's circumstances, it’s your responsibility to inform us and we’ll review their registration. Similarly, if a household member leaves your home, you need to let us know.

Please let us know if you have any questions!


[ ] Address details form completed online

[ ] Signed consent form returned to tiney by email

[ ] DBS application submitted (including 3 forms of ID)

[ ] DBS certificate sent back to tiney once received

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