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Using the messenger service on the app
Using the messenger service on the app

A guide on how to access your messages on the app and send messages if you need help.

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Asking for help shows wisdom, not weakness!

You can access the Help and Support service on the app as follows:

  1. Tap Help & Support on the bottom right area of your screen.

  2. Tap 'Chat with us' in the pink box.

  3. Start a conversation with one of our team whenever and we will aim to get back to you as soon as possible.

To access previous messages:

  1. Complete the steps above to 'Chat with us'.

  2. This will open up a new box and you will need to tap the left pointing arrow on the top left of your screen - this takes you back to 'Your Conversations'.

  3. You should be able to tap See previous and will be taken to all previous conversations.

  4. Pressing the 'X' button will take you out of the chat.

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