Once you have passed registration, you’ll be able to create your tiney home profile within the app.

To get started, navigate to the card on the the ‘nursery’ screen of your app and click 'Build your profile' to launch the profile builder.

The profile builder allows you to create and edit your tiney profile page which appears on tiney.co. You profile page is a crucial tool for promoting your tiney home and a great way to give potential customers a window in to what’s great about you and your home nursery. As such, please take your time when creating the profile and give real thought and attention to giving an exciting and accurate picture of what you offer.

Understanding your editing options

Setting your availability

Toggling the ‘show spaces’ available button tells families that you have spaces to fill. Remember to set this to ‘on’ if you have availability and want to receive new family enquiries. If you’re full, setting this to off will still allow you to receive enquiries, but will show families that you currently have a waitlist.


How much you decide to charge is completely up to you. On your profile page we show a simple day rate as a guide for families, but of course you’ll have the chance to issue a formal a quotation once you’ve met families and established their childcare requirements. Bear in mind, that the rate we show to parents is the ballpark rate they’ll expect to pay, so it makes sense to show your pricing inclusive of your tiney membership fee.

Making your profile stand out

To maximise the impact of your page, it’s a good idea to try and complete every one of the fields that are available to you. You can add photos of your setting (you must add at least 5 for them to be displayed), tell families all about your background, your home highlights and your local neighbourhood. Remember that families will be keen to know how easy it is to get to your tiney home so pay extra attention to adding your location to the map, and being clear about your local area and transport links.

Adding Unique Highlights

Unique highlights include information that is special to you and your setting. They give prospective families a deeper insight into the provision you offer. To get started, think about what you want parents to know about you, your setting and the provision you offer.

  • What makes you unique? Have you got relevant experience in Early Years or a related industry, for example you might have previously worked in a nursery or as a Health Visitor. Do you speak multiple languages?
  • What makes your setting special? For example you might have a large, secure private garden. Or you might have a children's farm on your doorstep? Do you have a friendly pet that children enjoy spending time with?
  • What makes your provision stand out? Tell families about the regular, local classes children will visit. Do you have experience in supporting children with complex, additional needs? Do children enjoy big trips throughout the year or are there celebrations you focus on? Do you offer an after school package of homework support to school-aged children?

Add at least 3 Unique Highlights to get started. And remember to only include information that children will benefit from and experience in your setting. For example, you may have a local swimming pool nearby, but if you're not going to incorporate swimming lessons into your provision, don't mention it.

Our approval process

Any edits you make to your profile will be approved by our community team before they are visible on the main tiney site. We’ve added this approval step to both make sure that everything you say is accurate for families, as well as being able to advise you on areas you might want to tweak or improve to help find more customers.

You won’t be able to make any edits whilst your page is waiting to be approved, however we aim to review these quickly at tiney.

If you’re creating your profile for the first time, please make sure that you submit as much information as possible first time round to ensure we can get your page live with the minimal amount of changes.

You can always browse other pages for inspiration by using the Find Childcare map on the main tiney.co site.

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