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Creating and editing your tiney profile
Creating and editing your tiney profile

How to create and edit your home profile from the tiney app

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Once you have passed registration, you’ll be able to create your tiney home profile within the app.

The profile builder allows you to create and edit your tiney profile page which appears on the website. Your profile page is a crucial tool for promoting your tiney home and a great way to give potential customers a window in to what’s great about you and your home nursery. As such, please take your time when creating the profile and give real thought and attention to giving an exciting and accurate picture of what you offer.

We will run through the content of a tiney profile and what you should include in each section.

Using profile builder

Tap on each of the headings to add details about your space, once complete preview and then submit your profile!


This section lets you can set your tiney home name, ages you cater for, as well as amenities, education and add some words to describe your setting.

Here you should provide a short summary of your tiney home nursery to engage potential parents, including the most important aspects of your home nursery such as its location, things you offer and amenities.


"A tiney nursery home with a garden and lots of resources. Prime location next to transport links, parks, children's centres, libraries and other amenities. We provide vegan meals and offer school collections." - Precious Little Souls tiney home

"A tiney home from home nursery, close to local schools, parks and shops! We have a lovely separate playroom, large garden space with 3 chickens and vegetable boxes and a separate sleep room! Fees include three meals and snacks, local groups and outings. Our core hours are 7:30a.m to 5:00p.m and we offer additional hours." - Mini Moons tiney home

About you

Here you can tell us a bit more about your hobbies, qualifications, experience plus any other languages you speak. If you work with another childminder or assistant you can also add them to the profile too. (Press Add More on the main screen)


In this section, you can tell us about nearby transport links, activities, any schools you might do pickup or drop off from. You can also add frequently visited places, such as local parks or beaches!


You can now set a large key photo on your profile which parents will see when they first visit your profile. We’ve also made it easier for parents to see different areas of your space by organising photos into sections. Upload separate photos for your main space, play area, as well as places you visit and unique features. Read our top tips for taking photos.


Here you can add other reviews and testimonials from other tiney parents, simply add each review and it'll appear on your profile after approval.

Add other Childminders

If you work with another childminder, press Add More at the bottom of the main screen and select Add Childminder. Here you can choose to include a photo, tell us about their likes, qualifications, interests plus any languages they speak. Other Childminder appear on the main part of your profile, showing all the childminders that work at this setting.

Add Assistants

If you work with an assistant, press Add More at the bottom of the main screen and select Add Assistant. Here you can choose to include a photo, tell us about their likes, qualifications, interests plus any languages they speak. Assistants appear on your profile page.

Add Pets

Let's not forget out fury and winged friends, here you can add all of the pets that live at your tiney home. Upload a photo of your pet and even add a name to make your profile even more personalised.

Preview and Submit

Once you're happy with all of your changes, preview your profile and then submit it for approval. Some edits you make to your profile will be approved by our community team before they are visible on the main tiney site. It can take a few hours before your changes are reflected on the tiney website. We’ve added this approval step to both make sure that everything you say is accurate for families, as well as being able to advise you on areas you might want to tweak or improve to help find more customers.

You won’t be able to make any edits whilst your page is waiting to be approved, however we aim to review these quickly at tiney.

If you’re creating your profile for the first time, please make sure that you submit as much information as possible first time round to ensure we can get your page live with the minimal amount of changes.

You can always browse other pages for inspiration by using the Find Childcare map on the main site.

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