How can I run a Summer Holiday Club?

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Schools are closed for 6 weeks over the summer, and as well as being great fun, running a Summer Holiday Club can be a great opportunity to build relationships with local families which may turn into longer term contracts once the school term resumes. Many parents will be looking for care over the summer period, and childminder settings appeal because parents will be able to drop off different aged siblings at one place, making life really easy for them! But how does it actually work?

What could a Summer Holiday Club involve?

You may want to make a week-by-week plan including outings and day trips, and other fun activities.

  • What fun activities are available to you in your area? Think picnics, a mini sports day, or a scavenger hunt in your local park? Summer is a great time to spend lots of time outdoors, so you could be inspired to offer some Forest School inspired activities, exploring ice and water play. Or you might want to offer a creative club involving lots cooking, arts and crafts activities, music and dance activities. Remember to take into account your own unique strengths, skills and interests when planning a really fun summer childcare offer.

  • Are there day trips that you could take the children on? For example, a trip to the seaside, or to a museum? Day trips are covered by your insurance with Morton Michel (overnight stays aren't, so camping isn't an option).

  • Can you link up with another local tiney childminder and take the children on a day trip together? Often attractions like zoos will offer group discounts for parties of 10 or more people. You may be able to find good offers (and have even more fun!) if you link up with another childminder!

  • If you have space available in your setting and you'd like to take on more children over the summer, consider contracting an assistant to ensure you remain within the statutory ratios.

What about food and pricing?

You will want to set a day rate for your Summer Holiday care, and you'll need to take into account the following:

  • It's preferable to quote a rate that includes all costs, as far as possible. However, there may be certain activities that will require a more expensive ticket (such as a trip to London Zoo, for example), which you may need to request as an extra.

  • Will you prepare packed lunches for children so you can go out on day trips/picnics?

  • If you'll take the children on outings, will children need to bring a small amount of pocket money with them e.g. £3 to buy a lolly/small souvenir?

How can I promote my Summer Holiday Club?

We've put together some resources to help you do this!

Go to the 'Training' Section of your app, and then the 'Resources' tab. In there, search for Summer Holiday Assets (or click here to access them on the Community Hub on the Web - you'll need to be signed in with your tiney username and password). There you'll find:

  • a lovely poster to print out at home and put in your window, or share on your social media

  • flyer designs that you can get printed to distribute in your local area, and instructions on how to get these professionally printed

  • images that you can use on Facebook and Instagram to promote spaces in your setting over the summer

You'll also find there our downloadable FISH Toolkit with further guidance on running a successful summer holiday club!

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