The EYFS 2021 says that 'assessment should not entail prolonged breaks from interaction with children, nor require excessive paperwork'. That's why the Learning Journal is designed to help you to easily and quickly enter brief observations about the children's progress, and tag the areas of the EYFS. This helps you to share children's learning with parents, and helps you to see progress over time.

We recommend using the learning journal to enter at least one EYFS observation per month for each child. You can of course do more if you like!

The Snapshots feature enables you to share quick brief updates and images with parents on a day-to-day basis - a picture of the child at play, enjoying their meal, splashing in a puddle... We recommend using the journal to enter at least one snapshot a week for each child. And of course, you can do more if you like! This way, parents will be updated regularly and have a sense of what's going on in your setting.

You can read more about the features of the Learning Journal here

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