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Introducing the tiney register for childminders
Introducing the tiney register for childminders

Use the register to easily record children arriving and leaving your home nursery

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You can use the tiney app to easily record children arriving and leaving your home nursery. The register helps you meet your EYFS record keeping requirements, without needing to print off and keep any more paperwork. Your register usage will be considered during your QA visit.

How does it work?

On your nursery home screen you’ll see a list of all the children who are currently enrolled at your home nursery. When a child arrives simply tap Sign in. Then when it’s time to go home, simply tap Sign Out.

When you sign a child in or out, all guardians connected to a child will receive a notification in their tiney app.

If you’re providing wrap around care, before and after school, you can use the register to sign children in and out multiple times in the same day.

If you work with another childminder or assistant and they have access to the tiney app, then either of you will be able to use the register.

Where can I see the details of how many hours were recorded?

After you’ve started using the register you can select `View register & History`, from there you can look at the history of any day and see the time every child signed in and out.

What do I need to do?

You now must sign in children as soon as they arrive or leave your setting using the tiney register. This helps you meet your EYFS requirements, keeps guardians up to date and provides information to our safeguarding team. We’ll send a reminder each morning to remind you to sign children in and in the evening to make sure you’ve signed everyone out.

If a guardian picks up a child earlier or later than I expected, when should I update the register?

The tiney register is here to make sure there is an accurate record of who is in a tiney home at all times for safeguarding purposes. It’s really important the register is accurately updated whenever a child arrives or leaves your tiney home.

For example, if a guardian arrives for pick up earlier than expected, update the register when the child is collected, don’t wait until the original pick up time. The hours recorded won’t automatically affect the amount you get paid unless agreed with the parent.

What happens if I need to sign a child in multiple times e.g. if I am providing wrap around care?

You can use the register to sign a child in more than once per day. You can do this by signing out of the first session then signing in again later. The app will check to make sure these times don't overlap.

You can also go into the Register History and adjust these times for up to 7 days in the past.

Parents will get notified when you adjust the register and can see the information in their app.

What happens when I enrol a new child?

When you enrol a new child in your setting, you’ll see the child appear on your register once the contract has been signed. On the first day of the contract start date you’ll be able to start using the tiney register.

I made a mistake on the register. Can I edit an entry?

It's important you do your best to keep the register accurate. You can edit register entries within the past 7 days. So, if you accidentally enter the wrong time, open up the Register History and select the day you want to edit.

You can do this by navigating to the register history for the relevant day, clicking on the pencil icon next to the child, and adding, updating, or removing the entries. Guardians will be notified whenever the register is updated for their child.

I’ve got another question or have some feedback

Please get in touch with the tiney team via the app, we would love to hear your feedback 😊

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