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An introduction to tiney's referral scheme
An introduction to tiney's referral scheme
Know someone amazing with children, who would be a fantastic tiney home owner? Refer to give them £200 in discounts + £300 for yourself!
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We're always on the lookout for people who are passionate about providing the best start for young children. That's why we're asking you to help us find them! By helping build the tiney community we'll thank you with £300:

  • £50 when your referee signs their offer commitment

  • £100 when your referee successfully completes their registration

  • £150 when your referee has their first invoice paid.

Your referee will also get 50% off our joining fee (that's £100 off our normal £200 fee)

It's win-win! The best bit? You can share your referral link with as many people as you like – they just need to be as fantastic as you are!

How do I get my referral link?

Your referral link can be found in the tiney app. Simply go to your the home page and find 'Share your referral link' – just tap the big pink button to share or copy the link.

Whoever you share this link with will be taken to a website with everything they need to know about joining tiney. This website is linked to your account, so we'll know that they've been directed there by you and your referral will be tracked from that point onwards. It is also good practice to give them your referral code separately so that they can enter it or give to their advisor once they start the process. (It is very important we know they have been referred to you before they sign their offer commitment, otherwise it will no longer be valid.)

Your referral reward will be released in increments as the referred person progresses through their childminder journey, as follows:

  • £50 when they sign their offer commitment

  • £100 when they successfully successfully become registered

  • £150 when they have their first invoice

Where should I share my link?

There are plenty of places you could share your link. Here's a few ideas:

⭐ your Facebook page (or Facebook groups you're part of)

⭐ your Instagram page (why not add a story highlight with your code?)

⭐ any other social media platforms you might use

⭐ on WhatsApp (either to individual people or to any chat groups you're part of)

⭐ via Email

⭐ in person at groups or events

⭐ anywhere else you can think of!

Sharing on Social media

To reach a wider audience we recommend sharing on social media – this allows your friends and family to also share on your behalf if they know anyone that would make a great childminder (but you still get the referral bonus!).

We've created some templates to make sharing your referral link as easy as possible. If you're on a mobile phone, tap and hold the images below to Add to photos or if you're on a computer, right click and Save image. You can then share these images on your social media channels:

1) Facebook posts

When sharing the below images to your Facebook account, don't forget to include your referral link and code in the caption. We recommend making your posts as authentic as possible. Maybe you want to share what they journey has been like for you? Or you can offer to chat more directly with anyone who might want to learn more.

Example caption:

"Use my referral link [insert link] to find out more about joining tiney and opening your own childcare business."

2) Instagram grid posts

As with Facebook, don't forget to include your referral link and code in the caption when sharing the below images to your Instagram page. Also feel free to create your own posts and images!


"Use my referral link [insert link] to find out more about joining tiney and opening your own childcare business."

Please note - the referrals are one per setting. So if you're looking to open your setting with a friend you'll be entitled to up to £300 for you and 50% off the joining fee for them!

Thank you for helping us build the tiney community!

We can't wait to grow our community and train more great people like you – thank you for helping us on our missing and remember, the more people you successfully refer, the more impact you'll make on children's lives across the country.

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