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Introducing tiney register for guardians
Introducing tiney register for guardians

Get notified when your child arrives at a tiney home and quickly view daily log of when your child signed in and signed out.

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Our new register allows you to see a record of when your child signed in or signed out with a tiney childminder. You’ll also be able to see a full history of when your child attended, allowing you to get an accurate picture of the hours of care.

How do I see when my child signed in and out?

From the app home screen tap the photo of your child and then select View Register. You’ll be able to select the month and day and see when your child attended a tiney home nursery.

When will I receive notifications?

You’ll get a notification when a childminder signs your child in and out, or updates the register.

Will the hours recorded in the register affect how much I pay my tiney childminder?

The register makes sure there is an accurate record of who is in a tiney home at all times for safeguarding purposes. It’s really important the register is accurately updated whenever a child arrives or leaves a tiney home. The hours recorded won’t automatically affect the amount you pay unless agreed with your childminder. Picking your child up before their contracted collection time will not result in a reduction to your bill.

Can other people in my family also receive notification?

Yes, you can invite other people to join tiney and be linked with your child. Once invited they will be able to see photos posted to the tiney learning journal, updates from the tiney register and be able to message your childminder. If you’d like to invite someone, get in touch with the tiney team via the app.

I’ve got another question or have some feedback

Please get in touch with the tiney team via the app and we’ll get back to you.

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