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Getting your training done as successfully as possible
Getting your training done as successfully as possible

Some useful hints and tips to help you complete your checks and learning modules

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Welcome! Congratulations again 🎉

We're so excited to have you join Train with tiney. You’re going to learn a ton and plough through some serious admin. Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t! With your busy life in mind, we’ve tweaked our training programme and broken down your tasks into what we hope are manageable chunks. We know that sometimes life gets in the way, and it can be difficult to prioritise your training so here we have a few tips on helping you do this. Your amazing new life awaits — soon you’ll be changing children’s lives and running an amazing business...

🪑 Choose a spot in the house - or out of the house if you prefer — which is your dedicated tiney training zone

The beauty of everything you need being accessible on your phone is that this can be anywhere you like — your kitchen table, your favourite armchair, or even a table at your favourite cafe for some much-needed you time. Wherever you choose, have everything you need on hand so that you can focus: your phone charger, a cuppa, your favourite motivational playlist… you know best what gets you revved up (but we’d love to hear about it — be sure to share your own productivity tips in the app).

🥅 Try giving yourself specific goals and incentives

“When I’ve completed these three things I’m going to eat some toast with chocolate spread / call my best friend / watch an episode of my favourite show”. Pop these on individual post-its and triumphantly rip them down or cross them off as you go, so you can really see and feel how much progress you’re making.

📝 Remember when you were allowed to choose a new pencil case when you went back to school?

Well, you’re about to enter a new phase of your life here too, so treat yourself to a nice new notebook where you can make lists and jot down anything you want to come back to. Take it everywhere you go in case you have an unexpected few minutes to yourself.

👪 Don’t just use the tiney app for training - immerse yourself in the community too

Chatting with people at the same stage as you is a great motivator — you can give each other tips and feel much more accountable than if you’re going it alone. Teamwork makes the dream work after all…

🏆 Keep your eyes on the prize!

If you get all this stuff done as quickly as possible, a new life awaits — check out Libby’s story here. She went from disillusioned legal secretary to thriving business owner in under four months thanks to tiney. It’s inspiring stuff.

We hope you’ve found these tips helpful but remember, we’re right here for any questions or concerns you might have.

Here's a table of what you've got to come — we know it might appear like a lot but take a closer look: some of those tasks only take ten minutes (or less!). We have a feeling the time will fly by — and you’ll feel such a sense of achievement when it’s all done! You’ll be changing children’s lives before you know it…

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