'Train with tiney' (our online training) is designed to prepare you to be a great educator of young children, and also to equip you with what you need to know to run your own home nursery business. Once you complete the training and submit your learning tasks, we review all your answers carefully. If your answers demonstrate you've understood and engaged with the training content thoughtfully, you'll be invited to progress to the next stage of the process (the 'pre-registration phase'). We only progress candidates who we think have the potential to be brilliant educators and who are ready to move on to the next stage towards opening their business. So while completing Train with tiney is not a formal qualification, it's an important step in the journey to becoming a registered tiney childminder.

When you register, you will receive the following certificates, which you can print and display in your setting:

  • a certificate to show you've completed Train with tiney

  • a tiney Safeguarding Training certificate

You will also receive a food hygiene certificate and a Paediatric First Aid certificate when you complete those courses.

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