Managing childcare enquiries

Learn how potential customers can contact you through your tiney profile – helping you offer a professional and seamless experience.

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How does it work?

On your tiney profile you'll see a 'Make an enquiry' button. It's important to direct all potential customers to contact you directly using this button – even if you've already verbally agreed on their requirements. This helps us put together your childcare contract much quicker and offers you added reassurance that the tiney team is aware of all communication and can provide assistance if needed.

After pressing the 'Make an enquiry' button, parents provide their name, email and childcare requirements. This makes joining tiney much easier and quicker for them later down the line!

After submitting, you'll be notified immediately in the app of their enquiry, and we'll also nudge you with a notification to keep you updated. All enquiries will appear in the Enquiries area, under the 'Inbox' tab.

You'll be able to view the information submitted by the parent in their enquiry - have a think about whether you can meet their requirements, and if there's any further information you require. You can make contact with the parent straight away through some handy contact buttons which link you to your usual contact methods.

If both you and the parent think it's a good match and wish to go ahead and enrol the child, simply confirm the enquiry by tapping 'Ok' and then you'll be guided on starting a new contract for the child.

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