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How to create tiney childcare contracts
How to create tiney childcare contracts

Create easy and hassle-free contracts with tiney's Contract Builder

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You have a new customer, congratulations! This is such an exciting time for your business.

Now it's time to confirm the placement in a formal written contract. Don't worry if that sounds a bit scary, the contract exists to ensure everything goes smoothly, and tiney do all the legal nitty gritty for you.

What does tiney's Contract Builder look like?

So what key information do you need to create your contract?

Simply submit the following details into the Contract Builder:

Child Details

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Date of birth

  • Email Address

  • Phone number

  • Postal address

Guardian Details

  • First name

  • Last name (optional)

  • Relationship to child

  • Email Address

  • Phone number

  • Postal address (optional)

Childcare Placement Details

  • Contract type: Standard or Flexible

  • Hours of care: when are you offering care to the child?

  • Consumables: who is covering the cost of consumables like nappies and wipes, if applicable

  • Your Rates: what you will charge for the Hours of care. These will be set by default from your Business Settings - so you don't have to enter them all over again. You can edit them for each individual contract if you wish.

  • Holiday Rates & Allocation - these will be set by default in your Business Settings*

  • Extra Requirements - if there are any unique conditions for the contract which can't be accommodated by the standardised template of the Contract Builder - you can submit these for the team to review, and if possible, they will create a manual contract for you instead. NB there will be a waiting time of up to 3 days for this.

*We recommend completing your Business Settings before starting any new contracts, as this will store your information and save time.

What happens after I've completed the Contract Builder?

Once you've filled in all of the information, your contract will be created instantly for you to sign and send to the guardian.

If your contract is for Local Authority Funding or Student Finances, or has any extra requirements, tiney will need to review your contract first and create it for you manually within three working days - you'll be notified in the app once the contract is ready for you to sign.

When does the parent see the contract?

Once you've checked and signed the contract, the parent will be automatically emailed (and send a text message) to complete the contract, enter payment information and complete the child passport. They will be directed to complete these on a nice and easy form on the web (not the app). Here's what they will receive:

We'll also send them gentle nudges for them to sign the contract if they haven't done already (by email and text too), like the below:

I've got another question about contracts

No problem, let us know via the app and we'll be happy to help πŸ˜€

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