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How to pay with Childcare Vouchers

Parents can make payments to tiney through a range of Voucher schemes listed here.

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Some employers work with childcare voucher schemes, which allow parents to pay for childcare with their pre-tax earnings. Tiney are registered with a range of childcare voucher schemes that parents can make payments to.

From October 2018, Childcare Vouchers are no longer available to new applicants - only parents on existing schemes may pay with this. Tax-Free Childcare is a good alternative for parents who cannot use vouchers - for more details, see our article: How to pay with Tax-Free Childcare.

Registered Schemes

Here are the schemes tiney are registered for, and the details needed to search for them on their portals to set up payments. The provider name will always be Tiney, with the postcode E16 2DQ. Our Ofsted number is CA000038 which may also be referenced.

Scheme Name

Tiney Reference













Cooperative Vouchers


Reward Gateway








Other Voucher companies

If you would like to pay with a voucher scheme that is not listed above, please send a link of the website for your scheme to, and we can register for it.

Enjoy Benefits - unfortunately Enjoy Benefits only allow nurseries or pre-schools to register with them. They do not accept childminders or childminder agencies, so tiney childminders are not able to accept these.

Bravo Benefits - Bravo Benefits require tiney childminders to register with them individually. Parents in receipt of these vouchers should nominate their childminder to Bravo Benefits, and tiney can assist with their registration from then.

How long do voucher payments take?

Payments can take up to 5 business days to clear to tiney's bank account - so to ensure your invoices are paid on time, please make sure to set up the payments from your voucher accounts in advance.

What to do if I can only pay part of an invoice by vouchers?

We know that often the amount you have available to pay through vouchers may not cover a full monthly invoice. In this case, the invoice will need to be split to allow part of it to be payable by your vouchers, and the remainder to be payable by credit or debit card.

For example, if you have £150 per month in vouchers, and your monthly invoice is £500, the invoice will be adjusted so that £350 is payable by credit or debit card. This currently cannot be done automatically, so we will adjust the invoice on receipt of your voucher payment, or you can message in to to request the invoice to be split.

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