How does tiney make money?

At tiney, we don’t make money until you’re making money. That means you don’t take on any financial risk yourself. Rather than you having to fork out any money upfront, we use a revenue sharing plan.

Revenue sharing means that when a parent pays for their childcare through the tiney app you receive 90% of that payment and we receive 10%. This applies to all the customers that you work with while partnered with tiney.

Revenue sharing covers your up-front costs and goes towards providing ongoing assistance with aspects of your business such as bespoke, responsive customer support, advice from experts, state of the art tools to help you run your business, personalised marketing materials, continued professional development and access to the incredible tiney community of childminders... and more benefits besides! See below for further information.

Revenue sharing works brilliantly because the only way for us to be successful is to help you become successful. If you’re not working with clients, then tiney makes no money.

We see ourselves as your long-term partner. We promise to be there to get you started, to support you in your educational journey and to help you grow your business.

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