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Why does tiney take a fee and what do I get in return?
Why does tiney take a fee and what do I get in return?

What are the benefits of being part of tiney? And how does tiney make money?

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Revenue sharing explained

At tiney most of our income is made through a revenue-sharing model, meaning we charge a small fixed percentage fee on your childcare income, which decreases over time. We believe that revenue-sharing works best because the only way for us to be successful is to help you become successful! We only earn when you do. This minimises your upfront costs and establishes tiney as your long-term business partner.

As your business partner our main goal is to ensure that with tiney you earn more, not less, than if you go it alone. We do this in three ways....

First, we reduce all your costly admin time making sure that you aren’t losing hours of billable time each week and can decide when and how you want to work.

Second, we enable you to charge a fairer rate by improving the customer experience families receive via the tiney app and helping you more confidently market your setting under the tiney brand.

Third, we reduce your expenses by including things like insurances, tax services and big discounts on other business costs. All of this combined means that your membership fee to tiney is offset by the benefits we offer. This is proven in our numbers - where, even after paying our typical membership fee, our childminders currently earn 17% more on average than equivalent Ofsted childminders nationwide.

Plus, to top it all off, the tiney fee is also a qualifying business expense on your end of year tax return.

The tiney fee, paid for via revenue sharing, covers your up-front costs & our ongoing agency services including:

  • Billing and on-going contract services

  • Safeguarding, EYFS, SEN support

  • CPD and training (incl. Community Conferences)

  • Leadership & progression pathways

  • Comprehensive insurance

  • Community events & resources

  • Access and updates to the tiney app

  • Your yearly QA visit

  • Any ad-hoc support you may need throughout the year

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