Introducing the tiney Wallet

How to get set up, and how you'll be paid 💸

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Introducing the tiney Wallet

All registered childminders now have access to the tiney wallet! From the wallet in your tiney app, you will be able to:

  • See all payments made by guardians, throughout the month.

  • Withdraw payments to your personal bank account at any time, by UK Faster Payments (takes up to 2 hours).

Please make sure to complete the set up steps below, and we'll be able to transfer in your earnings for the month so far.

How do I get set up?

When you open the Nursery tab of your app, you will find a section for Your tiney wallet. To set up your wallet, please agree to the Terms and enter your bank details.

Any payments made for your placements so far will be added to your wallet shortly after you complete this set up. ⚠️🔴 This cannot be done until you have added your bank details.

What payment information will I be able to see?

You will see a list of transactions within your wallet, showing payments received from guardians, and any withdrawals you make.

On all payments from guardians, you will see your net earnings after tiney's fee - you can click into a transaction to see the total amount paid, and details about which placement it was for.

How will I be paid?

This is the beauty of the wallet - you can withdraw your earnings into your personal bank account any time! Click Withdraw earnings, enter the amount you'd like to receive, and it will be sent to your bank by UK Faster Payments (almost immediately, can take up to 2 hours).

You also have the option to set monthly auto-payouts on the 28th - this will send the full amount in your wallet to your personal account automatically each month.

I’ve got another question or have some feedback.

Please get in touch with the tiney team via the app, or view our full FAQ about the wallet here.

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