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tiney Curious Minds Reward
tiney Curious Minds Reward

This outlines our policy on our Learning Reward and the terms and conditions surrounding them.

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This article will outline our policy surrounding the Learning Reward.

At tiney we just love giving our trainees, and registered childminders, rewards and incentives to celebrate their successes of completing their training, becoming a registered childminder and securing their first family ๐Ÿ’ช

What is the Curious Minds Reward?

The Curious Minds Reward is for everyone who successfully completes their training and passes their theory call within 4 weeks of signing their offer commitments - Goodies to help furnish your home nursery!

Terms and Conditions of receiving the above

You must pass your theory call within 4 weeks of signing your offer commitments.

For the Curious Minds Reward above if working in a joint setting

If you are registering alongside another tiney childminder, and will therefore be operating in the same setting, you can only claim the rewards as 1 setting, rather than per person.

For example:

If you were to meet the Curious Minds Reward requirements above, as a pair, or a triplet, you can claim the goodies, if and when you qualify for the reward.

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