Naming your tiney home

Our aim is to help you build a successful business and that all starts with a good name – so take the time to get it right from the start.

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You can change your name by editing your profile. Go into the top right hand corner of the app and then tap View Profile -> Setting.

Your name can either by followed by 'tiney home' or 'tiney home nursery'. When you change your name, once it's changed it'll appear on your tiney website profile, any marketing materials we automatically create for you, as well as on new invoices and contracts

Check your business name first!

  • If you do not want to have the same business name as another tiney childminder, please search on our website to see if the tiney home name already exists

  • Try to create your own unique identity by having a different name and logo from your neighbours

  • Of course, this is not too much of an issue if you do not live close to the childminder with the same tiney home name. However, it can cause problems if there is more than one tiney home in the community with the same name, as you can imagine!

  • Try to create your own unique identity by having a different name and logo from your neighbours

  • Please know that tiney do not have a legal right to ask another childminder to change their registered nursery name, but we can make them aware of the issue.

Things to consider if choosing an alternative name

  • Please do not include the word "tiney" or "tiny" in your nursery name.

  • If not your own name, use a name that conveys some meaning – think of words that are simple, warm and use child-friendly language

  • Avoid hard-to-spell or very long words

  • You're an early years educator, so be sure to follow conventional spelling rules e.g. avoid using 'z' instead of 's' or '4' in place of 'for'

  • Get feedback on your nursery name from friends and family to double check you've met the points mentioned above

  • Make sure the name sounds good when said aloud

Social media

When creating profiles on social media, such as Instagram and Facebook, be sure to include 'tiney home' in your profile description. This is a great (and very easy) way to leverage your business on the tiney brand and reassures potential customers that you're part of a wider community and an Ofsted registered childminding agency.

More importantly, this helps us find you and share your profile to a much wider audience!

However, please do not add the word 'tiney' into your profile, as they are currently deleting profiles which include the word tiney.

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