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How to add and view policies in the app
How to add and view policies in the app
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Storing your policies in your Business Settings

You are able to add all of your policies onto the tiney app, making them much easier to store and view for you and for the parents using your services.

As part of Business Settings you can add any additional policies you wish. If you choose to add more then they will appear in your app and in the guardian’s app.

In order to upload your policies into your Business Settings, you must convert your document into a PDF file. You can do this directly in a word or google document by clicking 'File' in the top left corner> Download > PDF, and then you can save it in the new PDF format. Alternatively you can also 'print' a document as a PDF and then save it wherever needed.

Alternatively, you can use a website to convert your documents to PDF.

Sharing your policies with your families

You can share your policies with parents and guardians digitally, for more visibility and transparency.

When you upload your policies in your Business Settings, they will be visible to parents and guardians in the app via their 'child summary' screen.

Parents will still need to review and agree to / sign their policies separately. However having them in the app means they are accessible and viewable for all, as are any updates. We suggest asking for an email or message from parents confirming they have read and agreed to the policies.

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