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Resources for getting your tiney home started
Resources for getting your tiney home started

Some pointers on what you might need for your registration visit and where to find it.

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You will need some resources ready for your Home Visit before you open your tiney home. However, we don’t expect you to spend a fortune on them. We're all about being creative!

You can source good quality used items from Facebook Marketplace or eBay. You can buy art equipment online or from Wilkinsons and other budget retailers for very reasonable prices. Junk modelling and real world play are free!

  • Children's bedding can be bought from a variety of places but IKEA have some lovely options. We recommend RÖDHAKE or KLÄMMIG in baby blankets on their site for some ideas!

  • Cheap colourful flannels make excellent hand drying towels (just pop an empty bin or basket nearby for the dirty ones to go in). Amazon has some nice options.

  • You can allocate each child their own colour when they are with you which could relate to bedding / hand drying / cutlery / their peg in the hall - whatever you want!

  • You may want to create your own ‘House Rules’ poster. This can cover expected behaviour, whether you want shoes on or off, table manners and lots lots more. This should be fun, practical and personal to your home.

These are just ideas to get you started - we’d love to hear about your own solutions for these things and for you to share any inspiration with the rest of the tiney community!

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