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How to launch your tiney home and find families
How to launch your tiney home and find families

Congratulations - you've started your own business! Now all you need is customers...

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Knowing where to start when it comes to launching your business can be pretty overwhelming, so we've put together a checklist of marketing must-do's to make the process of finding families as quick and easy as possible. So let's get your business up and running!

Step 1: Create your tiney profile and share it!

If you haven't already, create your tiney profile. You can now do this easily in the app!

Not created your profile yet? Learn how in our article: Creating and editing your tiney profile

Once your profile is approved and published start sharing it! Send the link to friends and family or any groups you're part of and post it on your social media channels!

Don't use social media? Keep reading to find out which ones you should be on...

Step 2: Get yourself on these popular platforms

Parents of young children get most of their information and recommendations from social media and child related platforms, so joining the conversations they’re having in the places they're having them is a great way to get yourself noticed. Here are our top recommendations:

1) Create a profile is many parents' first stop when researching childcare in their area, so having a presence on there is important. Read more about how best to use this platform in our article: Why you need a profile

2) Set up a Facebook business page

Facebook is a great place to join local conversations and share your tiney profile. You can learn more about how to do this in our article: 5 steps to creating your Facebook business page

3) Set up a Google My Business page

Having an official Google business page is a great way for nearby families searching for childcare to find you. Setting up a 'Google My Business' page

4) Create a profile on

Similar to, is another popular platform parents use to find childcare – so get yourself on there!

5) Create an Instagram page

Instagram is a great way to showcase what your setting has to offer, while also being able to share more of your personality. (Just remember to keep this account solely for your nursery and Early Years related topics.) You can learn more about how to use social media for business in our article: 10 tips for using social media to find families

6) Create an account on

This is a great way to instantly connect to the people and happenings near your home. So create an account and post your tiney profile!

7) Get listed on your Local Authority's childcare portal

A lot of families search for childcare through their Local Authority – so make sure you're listed with yours.

Step 3: Go to these places in your local area

1) Estate agents

It's part of an estate agents job to sell an area to potential buyers or renters, so leave them your details and they can pass them on to any new families moving in nearby.

2) Schools

Contact the schools in your local area and offer after-school care or hold a stall at school fairs and fêtes so parents can meet you. Also, don't forget if you're at school for your own children, this is a great opportunity for you to tell parents at the school pick-up!

3) NCT groups and Toddler & Baby groups

What better place to find potential parents looking for childcare? Go and introduce yourself!

Step 4: Make use of your Marketing Pack

Once you're registered and have created your tiney profile, you'll receive your marketing pack full of personalised materials to share the key information about your tiney home and make yourself more visible to prospective families. See the contents of your Marketing Pack here.

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