We know that feedback is an important part of the learning process. Unfortunately, we aren't currently able to provide detailed feedback on your progress until you submit all your learning tasks at the end of the training.

However, there are several ways that you can understand how you're doing with your training as you go along:

  • Some of the training modules have multiple choice questions as the assessment at the end of the unit. You should be able to see your results immediately after submitting your answers to those types of questions.
  • Join a webinar. We run many live webinars for trainees and home leaders - you can book into these through the 'Learn more together' section of the community tab in the app. These sessions are a good opportunity to speak to an expert from the tiney team, ask a question relating to your training, and also to learn from others in our community.
  • Reflect back on your own progress. Brilliant early years practitioners are usually very reflective, and regularly ask themselves what is going well, what could be better, and what they are learning. This is a great habit to develop as you do your training!

A good way to understand how much you have learned is to look back at your learning so far. You can take notes as you complete training modules, and review these as your learning progresses.

You can ask yourself some important questions at different stages of your training and see how your answers build and develop as you learn more:

  • Why do I want to open a tiney home nursery?
  • What kind of educator would I like to be?
  • What does a really enabling environment look like?
  • What impact would I like to have on the children in my care?

When you submit all your tasks as part of Train with tiney, we will review all your answers carefully. If your answers demonstrate you've understood and engaged with the training content thoughtfully, you'll be invited to progress to the next stage of the process (the 'pre-registration phase'). At this point you will receive detailed personalised feedback on your learning tasks. We only progress candidates who we think have the potential to be brilliant educators, so if you get to this stage you can be confident that we think you're ready to move on the the next step towards opening your own home nursery!

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