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What are tiney looking for in your training?
What are tiney looking for in your training?

How to do well in your Train with tiney assessments

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We loved putting this training together for you, and we hope you'll really enjoy getting stuck into the learning! It cover lots of important topics you'll need to know and understand well in order to work with children, as well as to run your own business.

We review all quiz answers carefully, and if we're confident that your answers show you've understood and thought about the content in the training, you'll be able to progress to the next stages towards opening your home nursery. We want to help you do the best you can at this assessment point, so here are some top tips for submitting your answers:

πŸ“ You might find it helpful to take notes in your own notebook as you work on the units. This way you can easily refer back to any points that might come up in the end of unit quiz.

🧠 Some units refer specifically to the Early Years Foundation Stage and Development Matters. These are also really important documents for early years practitioners to be familiar with.

βœ… Some modules will have a short assessment quiz at the end. These usually take about 5 minutes and are multiple choice questions. Make sure you've read the information in the unit and watched the videos carefully first before you take the assessment quiz.

πŸŽ“ Professional communication is important to us, so make sure you check your answer for typos and spelling or grammar mistakes. Treat these answers as a warm-up for the level of professional communication you would use when contacting families of children in your care.

⭐️ And most importantly, we want to see that you're really motivated to work with children, and that you've put lots of thought into your answers.

When you've submitted all your quizzes, we will review all your answers. If we're happy that you're ready to progress to the next stage, you'll be invited to book a pre-registration call with us, and you'll be one step closer to opening your own home nursery!

We recognise that doing lots of online training by yourself can be challenging at times, and sometimes you might want to speak to real humans! Keep an eye out for upcoming live webinars where you can meet other trainees and experts from the tiney team to explore different topics together. You can find these in the Community Hub from your app.

We hope you have fun doing the training! And remember, do get in touch with us via the chat if you have any questions.

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