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5 steps to creating your Facebook business page
5 steps to creating your Facebook business page

How to create a Facebook business page and find families

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A Facebook business page is one of the most effective ways to connect with potential families and build a following for your home nursery. Parents of young children get most of their information and recommendations from social media, so joining the conversations they’re having in the places they're having them (Facebook!) is a great way to get yourself noticed.

Creating a Facebook business page doesn’t have to be difficult – you likely already have a selection of photos and text you can use to build it. Just follow these few simple steps to get your page up and running today!

Step 1: Create an account

To create a Facebook business page, you first need to log into your personal Facebook account (if you don't have a personal account you'll need to make one).

After logging into your personal account go to (or go to 'Create Page' in the menu) and click on Get Started under the title Business or brand.

Next, enter your tiney home nursery information. For your page name, use your tiney home nursery name so people will find you if they search for your page. You'll then be asked a few details, like your address and phone number – you can decide whether you want this information public. (Alternatively you might want to only show your postcode.) Don't forget to include the link to your tiney profile!

When you’re happy, click Continue.

Step 2: Upload your photos

Next, you’ll upload your profile photo. Make sure the photo you choose is the same as the one on your tiney profile and marketing materials, so you're easily identifiable when appearing in search results.

You then need to upload a cover image! This is the most prominent image on your Facebook business page, so try and pick a photo that really captures how great your home nursery is. For safeguarding reasons, be careful what photos you share when it comes to the children in your care. You can show how much fun they’re having without revealing their faces!

Step 3: Give your page a username

It's easier for people to find your page in search when it has a unique username. Pages with usernames also get a custom web link that will help people find you quickly e.g.

We recommend choosing a username as close to your tiney home nursery name. Or alternatively, if you already have other social media channels for your nursery (like Instagram), try and use the same username if possible.

Step 4: Add some details

As Facebook might be the very first place a family will go to get information about you, having it all there is important – so fill out all of the fields in your Facebook Page’s 'About' section right from the start. The good news is you can use the same information as your tiney profile page!

To start filling out your business details, click Edit Page Info in the top menu. From this screen you can share all the important information about your tiney home nursery.

If you want to go into more detail about yourself and what you have to offer, go to About in the menu and click Our Story. This will look a bit like an article, so you'll also need to add a title and a photo to go with it. When you’re finished, click Publish!

Step 5: Publish your page

Your Facebook business page is now ready for families to find you and understand what your nursery offers. So now simply click the Publish Page button in the left-hand menu and your page is live!

What next?

To make the biggest impression, try posting some valuable content that gives people a bit more of an insight into your setting before you start inviting people to like your page.

For tips how to use social media channels and what to post, see our article:

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