Say hello to your marketing pack!

We've put together a selection of materials to help you market your tiney home and find families...

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What's in my marketing pack?

1. Materials for online marketing

2. Materials for physical marketing

Once you have ordered your marketing materials from within the app, you'll receive them shortly afterwards in an email titled "Your tiney Marketing Pack".

1) Materials for online marketing

These digital assets are a way for you to engage with potential customers online;

Digital family pack: This document explains what tiney is and why tiney homes are so special. This is a great resource to share with any prospective parent and you could include it in a thank you email to anyone that visits your setting.

tiney branded profile picture: You get a tiney branded profile picture that matches your tiney profile. Add this as the profile picture to all of your key social media platforms, including This helps to keep your online presence consistent and professional, and ensures you're recognisable as a tiney-registered childminders to any potential customers.

Personalised Facebook and Instagram posts: When sharing this asset on Facebook (this could be on your own page, on other people's pages or even as a comment where relevant), don't forget to include a caption that links to your tiney profile!

We've also created 2 personalised Instagram assets to help market your tiney home; one to post on your instagram feed and another that will fit nicely as an Instagram story.

Referral scheme posts for Facebook and Instagram: We're always on the lookout for people who are passionate about providing the best start for young children. That's why we're asking you to help us find them! By helping build the tiney community we'll thank you with a referral bonus once the person you've referred has started their tiney training. These assets are a great way for you to share your referral link to a wider audience and there's no limit to the amount of people that can use it – the more people you successfully refer, the more money you'll make! Learn more about tiney's referral scheme here

For more advice on how to use social media, see our article 10 tips for using social media to find families.

1) Materials for physical marketing

Leaflets: Leaflets are a great way to advertise your tiney home and get seen by the right people when left in the right places. You can buy and print these out at a professional printer if you wish, here's our recommended way to print them:

Step 2: Select the paper stock as Silk

Step 3: Select the paper weight as 150gsm Silk

Step 4: Select Double sided

Step 5: Select No to spot UV or foiling

Step 6: Select No, you already have your design!

Step 7: Select a quantity. (Top tip, if you can wait longer for the print, it’s cheaper. Also, if you order more, it’s cheaper!)

Step 8: Checkout and upload the provided artwork. Then sit back and wait for them to arrive!

Banner design: You'll also find a personalised design for a 1x2m PVC banner. A large banner can be useful if you have a lot of potential customers passing by your home e.g. if you live near a school or on a main road or busy street. Here’s how to buy and print your personalised PVC banner to display outside:

Step 2: Select banner size 1x2 metres as this is the standard size of the provided design

Step 3: All other options are pre-selected here so you just need to select the quantity as 1 and then checkout and wait for your banner to arrive! Your shiny new printed vinyl banner has eyelets to make it easy to attach to any surface. From a wall to metal railings, your vinyl banner is sure to be seen by everyone.

Window stickers: Window stickers are great for marketing your nursery to passers-by, so make sure they're visible from the street! Have a car? Place a sticker in your back window too – you'll be advertising every time you're parked somewhere new, easy-peasy!

Step 2: Select size 500 x 500mm in the square shape

Step 3: Select a quantity.

Step 4: Checkout and upload the provided artwork.

It's time to go to market!

We hope these materials help you on your way to getting your home nursery up and running. For more tips on how to find families, see our article How to launch your tiney home nursery and find families

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