It’s free to set up a profile on but in order to send messages you’ll have to pay for membership (we’d recommend doing this for 1-2 months if you’re just getting started!)

How to get started

1) Make sure your profile is up to date with the days and hours you’re available or you might not show up in the right search results

2) Include a friendly headshot for your profile – a happy photo goes a long way and many parents don't acknowledge profiles without them

3) Stand out against other profiles by explaining why having the tiney stamp of approval makes your home nursery such a great option!

Try some tiney hacks...

1) Log in and make some small tweaks to your profile on a regular basis and you'll appear higher up in search results – the tiniest update will do it!

2) Add as much information as possible to your profile, such as a link to your tiney profile page or facebook page (if you have one) – parents will then be able to contact you on those platforms if they haven’t stumped up for membership on!

Reach out to parents

If you see a parent looking for childcare in your area, be proactive and send them a message to get yourself noticed. We've crafted an example template to give you some inspiration:

Hi Bernice,

I can see you’re looking for childcare in the Forest Hill area for your little girl, so I wanted to introduce myself. I'm Gen, a newly registered childminder seeking families.

I recently trained with an Ofsted-certified agency called, who have an extremely high quality bar. I'm passionate about learning through play and share tiney's mission of providing all children with a great start in life.

I’ve really enjoyed turning my home into a fantastic, fun, learning environment and am so excited that, now I’m registered, I finally get to open my door to families.

If you'd like to know more you can message me on here or find me on the website.

Thank you for reading!


Ask for reviews!

The most valuable thing you can do is also the trickiest. Once you're trading, ask the parents of children you’ve cared for to leave you a review! This will help engage any potential customers and give a more reliable insight into you and your setting.

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