Moving to a New Property

what you must do to comply with your registration and allow you to trade in your new home.

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If you are planning on moving house there are a few important steps which will need to be taken before you can operate in your new setting.

If you do not advise tiney of your house move this could result in a suspension of your registration meaning you would be unable to trade while we wait for the required documents to be sent in to us and signed off.

How to tell tiney if you are moving house

Please send us a message on the app or use the 'tell tiney' feature on the home screen of the app to confirm the following information about your move:

  • The date of your move

  • The date you would like to begin trading in your new home

  • The full address you will be moving to, including your postcode. Tiney will advise your local authority of the change to your address. However you are responsible for seeking any additional planning permission required for your new home.

What do you need to do before you move?

  • If you operate a larger childminding setting with assistants you should check with the local planning team in your new area to see what permission (if any) you may need to operate in your new home.

  • You also need to ensure you have full permission to operate a childminding business from your new home either from your landlord or housing association or from your mortgage provider. And if purchasing your home you should ensure there are no restrictive covenants on the property that would prevent you from running your business there.

  • Your placements will need 4 weeks notice of your move. If you will be transferring your clients, new contracts will need to be signed with your new address. Remember any contracts that will be terminating will need 4 weeks notice of the cancellation of their contract. It is your responsibility to communicate your move in good time to the parents you work with.

What happens once you have moved?

You will not be able to begin trading in your new setting until this has been approved in writing by the Safeguarding team.

Once you move we require the following information:

  • A risk assessment and a short video of the property or selection of photos should be sent to at least 1 week before you begin trading. (Please contact the team if this time will be shorter).

  • We will try to visit your new setting within one month of your move, but in the meantime you may be required to send us a virtual tour of your new home by video until the tiney team can officially get out and see the new premises.

  • Following your home visit, additional actions may be identified by the team. These must be completed by the deadline given in order for you to continue to trade. If these are not completed your registration may be suspended and parents advised they cannot attend the setting until all required measures have been put in place.

Once Safeguarding have approved your home and risk assessment in writing, you will be able to operate in your new setting.

You will receive a new certificate of registration and tiney will update the local authority and your childminder insurance as well as your online profile.

It is a requirement of your registration with tiney that you inform us of a house move. Failure to advise tiney of the change within a 10 day time period would be considered a breach of your registration commitments and could impact any future grading or result in suspension of your registration.

Good luck with your move!

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