All about the Child Passport

Learn all about the Child Passport feature in your tiney app - what it is and why it's an essential part of caring for children.

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Keeping up to date information about children readily to hand in your tiney home nursery is an important part of keeping them safe. Our Child Passport in the app gives you essential information about individual children in your care. It's a record of their emergency contacts, medical needs, allergies and dietary requirements.

New families are invited to complete their Child's Passport as part of their onboarding journey. Once families download our app, which we'll invite them to do shortly after you've submitted a contract request for their placement, they'll be prompted to complete their Child Passport alongside other tasks (such as signing their contract with you and making their first month advance payment).

Each child has their own Child Passport and, once the child is fully enrolled, their information will be surfaced in your app. You must ensure you can see this before the child is left alone in your care - for example before the child's placement starts.

It is your responsibility to ensure your families keep their Child Passports up to date. We recommend you remind families to update their Child Passport a couple of times every year. If a family gives you a verbal update about a change in information, ask them to update their Child's Passport too.

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