Top Tips for Taking Photos

Learn how to take effective photographs of your tiney home nursery

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Photos on your tiney profile provide a window into your setting for prospective parents. Use them to tell the story of a child’s experience in your care.

Set the scene

Open blinds or curtains to allow natural light in (avoid using flash). Organise or put away anything that clutters your space. Remove any valuables or personal items you don’t want photographing.

Be natural

Set up your space as you would on any other working day. Less can be more, so don’t feel the need to overcrowd your space.


Take high quality images - try not to crop or use blurred images. It is important to remember that you are a business and you are trying to sell yourself, so make sure you choose images which reflect your high quality business!


Take a variety of photos to help families understand what it would be like for their own child to be in your care. This should include photographs of different spaces in your setting - indoors and (if you have access) outside. For example, you might want to set up the following:

  • Story time in a book corner

  • A construction and / or small world activity

  • Creative arts or messy play

  • Snack time

  • An outdoors activity

Unique Highlights

Think about special features in your setting. This might include a recent display of children’s work you’re particularly proud of or a new piece of equipment you’ve purchased.

Photos of Children

Parents must give their consent for you to publish photos of their children in your tiney profile. They do this via their Child Passport in the tiney app. Check your children's accounts to see whether they've given their permission. The best photos of children are those where they are engrossed in their play, whatever that might be. Parent's don't always needs to see their faces - busy hands often give the best insight into what the child is exploring.

No Families Yet?

No problem. If you have your own children, get them involved in your setting and snap away. You might even be able to borrow a family member or friend's children to help out too - just remember to get permission before publishing!

And finally, smile!

You’re the most important feature of your tiney home nursery! Please choose a smiley picture of your face (not your whole body), similar to a passport photo. We’ll need this in order to create your tiney marketing materials - it will make you easily identifiable for parents.

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