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How to pay with Tax-Free Childcare
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Tiney are set up with Tax-Free Childcare to receive payments from parents, on behalf of all tiney childminders.

Working or self-employed parents earning over £152/week and less then £100k/year can pay through Tax-Free Childcare, where the government will top up £2 for every £8 paid by parents, up to £2000 per child per year.

Parents will need to set up a childcare account to pay into, either by bank transfer or card payment.

Any payments made by parents will have a top up of 25% from the government.

Parents can then find tiney and add them as a saved childcare provider in the Tax-Free Childcare portal by searching for tiney, our Ofsted number CA000038, or our postcode E16 2DQ.

Payments can be set up as one off payments on a specific date, or recurring payments. They can be amended before they are sent.

Payments will reach tiney on the same or next working day after they've been sent.

When setting up a one off payment, make sure to check the date the payment will be set. The portal may often suggest as default a date in a month's time - so always double check that the payment will be sent on the date you want!

Payments will have a code referencing each child, made up of their first initial, 3 letters from their surname, 5 digits and TFC. E.g. a child John Smith would have a code like 'JSMI56789TFC'. Tiney can match theses payment references to find the relevant child and mark invoices as paid - there is no need to inform tiney of these codes as we can see them on the payments as they come in.

If you have received an invoice that is payable by another payment scheme, such as credit/debit card or a voucher scheme, you can make the payment through Tax-Free Childcare and we will update the invoice accordingly. A receipt will be sent once an invoice is marked as paid.

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