Invoice statuses in your tiney Wallet

See invoices in your wallet before they're sent to parents, open draft invoices, and see historic invoices.

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In the Wallet section of your tiney app, you can see invoices in different statuses.

Draft - this invoice has not been sent to the parent yet.

Open - this invoice is available to the parent for payment.

Paid - payment has been received for this invoice, and will be added to your wallet.

You can see more details about each invoice by clicking into them.

You can move a draft invoice to open if you are happy with it. This will make it visible in the parent's app and send notifications.

Providers don't currently have access to edit invoices.

⚠️ If anything need to be changed on an invoice (e.g. extra days to add or a credit for closures), click Request changes. You can then message the Payments team to request a change before it gets sent to the parent.

Notifications are sent to parents for open invoices to be paid by credit or debit card, Tax-Free Childcare, and all accepted voucher schemes.

Notifications are sent if the due date is under 12 days away, and reminders are sent every 5 days until the invoice is paid or removed.

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