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How Childcare Agreements are sent to childminders and guardians
How Childcare Agreements are sent to childminders and guardians
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Once you've found a new family who are looking to take up a space at your setting, you can request a childcare agreement in your tiney app. In this you'll include the family's personal details, the hours of care required, and hourly rates.

Tiney will create the enrolment and draft the agreement. The new child, 'Evie', will appear in your app as 'In progress' while tiney are working on the agreement.

You will receive a notification when the agreement is ready to sign, and you can click through to open the agreement in your app.

You can open and review the agreement from your app, and sign it straight away if everything looks ok. If any changes are needed, message tiney to let us know and we will update it for you.

Once you've signed the agreement, it is ready for the guardian to sign it - and the app will show it is waiting for the guardian's signature. The guardian is informed as soon as you have signed the agreement.

The guardian will receive an SMS and an email from tiney, with instructions on the next steps to get their child ready to start. They will also receive a second email to set up a password for their tiney account. This password will be the same for their account on the web, and on the tiney app.

These messages are sent as soon as you have signed the agreement.

From the email and SMS, guardians are directed to a web link to log in and complete information about their child. This includes signing their childcare agreement, and completing the child passport.

Once the agreement is signed and the passport is complete, parents are asked to provide their payment preference. For more information on payment preferences, see How parents can pay for their tiney childcare.

The child is now ready to start at your setting! πŸŽ‰ You can see the child in your list of enrolled children before the start date, and access the child passport and all other data, ready for when they start with you.

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