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How to track expenses in the tiney app
How to track expenses in the tiney app

Easily track your expenses all in one place

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Does tracking expenses feel like horrible admin that you never have enough time for?

To ease the pain, we've built an Expenses Tracker in the tiney app which lets you track your expenses all in one place - so you feel prepared, confident and stress-free about the end of year tax submission.

Check out your Expenses Tracker 👉

  • find it in your tiney app in the Wallet

  • complete a simple form to add each expense

  • add key details you'll need on record for submitting taxes

  • view your total monthly expense summary to keep track of how much you're spending

Here's a step-step breakdown for adding your expenses:

  1. Open your Wallet, and tap on the Expenses tab

  2. Tap Add Expense

  3. Complete the Expense form with the following details;

    1. What is the expense for?

    2. How much did you spend?

    3. Which category does your expense fit under?

    4. When did you spend it?

    5. Any additional notes about the expense - add as much detail as you need to remember what you purchased

    6. A photo of the expense (please note: all expenses over £10 require a photo of the expense to be uploaded - this can be a receipt you've created yourself on paper, and can be added at anytime)

  4. Submit your expense

  5. Edit or delete the expense if needed

  6. View your total expense summary

  7. tiney also provide a tax report to you, showing the figures you need to input into your tax return. It includes all of your tiney income, any other rewards/bonuses (such as referral rewards). It also includes a total of your expenses including tiney fees paid via the wallet, and any other expenses logged via the Expenses Tracker.

Your Tax Categories

  • Food & Drink

  • Travel Costs

  • Toys & Equipment

  • Electricity/Gas/Oil

  • Home rental/Mortgage interests/Contents Insurance

  • Water rates/Council tax

  • Telephone/Business

  • Labour/Employee Costs

  • Other

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