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Completing DBS checks for you & your household members
Completing DBS checks for you & your household members
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What is it?

A DBS check is a document that demonstrates any convictions or cautions that may prevent you from working with children.

Why do we need it?

As a Childminder Agency, we have a duty to make sure that all the children in your care are safe and protected. We are legally required to run a criminal background check on all people aged 16 and over who will regularly be in your home nursery. This makes sure we've done our due diligence and keeps the children in your care safe.

Who in my household needs to get a DBS check for?

You'll need to submit a check for yourself and everyone aged 16 and over living in, regularly visiting or working in your home. This should be the same people you told us about when completing the You & Your Home form.

What if someone in my household already has a recent DBS Certificate?

In order for tiney to accept an existing DBS Certificate it must be

  • An Enhanced certificate which is certified for childminder workforce and/or home workforce

  • Subscribed to the DBS Update Service

If you or someone in your household has both in place then please send a clear picture to along with the DBS service reference number.

How to complete your DBS Check

There are two steps to completing your DBS Check

Step 1 - Complete the online application for everyone over 16 in your household

Step 2 - Provide photos of the certificates you receive in the post.

Step 1 - Complete the online application

In the tiney app you'll find a link to our online portal (can be requested separately if required), you'll need to complete an application for everyone aged 16 and over living in, regularly visiting or working in your home.

What details will I (or a household member) need before they start?

Each household member should have the following details ready to enter into the portal

  • Address details for the past 5 years

  • Details on any names previously used including dates

  • At least 3 documents which prove their identity and current address

What documents will I (or a household member) need before they start?

During the DBS check process you will be asked to upload clear photos of multiple documents that provide your identity. Valid documents include:

  • Passport (Any current or valid passport)

  • Biometric residence permit

  • Current driving licence photocard - (full or provisional)

  • Birth certificate - issued within 12 months of birth

  • Adoption certificate

  • Marriage/civil partnership certificate

  • Immigration document, visa or work permit

  • Mortgage statement (within the last 12 months)

  • Council tax statement (within the last 12 months)

  • Bank or building society statement (within the 3 months)

When taking photos of your documents, please make sure you submit clear photos with good lighting. If we cannot see the documents clearly, you may need to resubmit.

Step 2 - Send tiney a photo of the DBS Certificate you receive in the post

Once submitted, every member of your household will receive a DBS Certificate in the post. The next step is to provide a photo to tiney so they can add it to their records.

How to send tiney a photo of a DBS Certificate

  1. When you receives a DBS Certificate in the post, take a photo on your phone of the certificate making sure the information on it is clearly legible

  2. Go to 'Chat with tiney' in the Messenger section of the app and start a New Conversation. Attach the photo to the message, and write which member of the household it is for, and send it to us.

You may receive different household members DBS certificates at different times, you can send them to us at any time, there's no need to wait until you've got all of them returned.

What happens next?

Our Safeguarding Panel will review the DBS Certificates for each applicant and will get in touch if they wish to discuss any information on the Certificates.

Once these and other checks have been completed then you can move onto to booking your registration call and visit.

During our registration visit, we ask to see copies of the same documents you provided during the DBS check to verify your ID.

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