How do I make changes to invoices?

A guide to tiney's monthly billing cycle and deadlines

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At the beginning of every month, we generate invoices for your subsequent month’s care, meaning that your parents are billed for each month in advance. Invoices are, where possible, generated automatically based on the hours of care currently scheduled in your calendar. You can review your calendar under the summary for each child in your tiney app.

Childminders are requested to let us know about any changes that will need to be included in that cycle by midnight on the 15th of each month. For example, any changes for June care should arrive with us by midnight on the 15th of May.

Any change requests received after this time will have to be invoiced in next month’s billing cycle and will appear on the following month’s invoice.

Examples of common invoice changes include:

  • Additional ad hoc hours, or days, not currently included in the regular schedule. This includes care in the current month in addition to the hours that have already been invoiced, or additional hours coming up in the next month.

  • Permanent changes to hours or days for upcoming care. Please note these must be made with at least 7 days notice.

  • Any closures or absences in the current month which need to be credited, for days that have already been invoiced.

  • Any closures or absences in the following month that you’d like removed from the schedule.

  • Any upcoming holidays that will or will not be charged.

  • Changes to hours in any school holidays that are not currently in your calendar.

  • End dates if placements are terminating. Please note there must be at least 30 days notice for terminations.

  • A move to, or from, Local Authority 15/30hr funding, or Student Finance. In these cases new contracts will need to be issued.

For any of these changes, please be sure to include the specific dates affected, start and end times of sessions, and the rates to charge if these differ from your normal rates. If any of this information is missing it makes it much harder for us to generate your invoices quickly and correctly!

If received by the deadline, all changes will be applied on invoices due by the last day of the month, for care in the following month. Any changes you’ve already told us about will already have been included.

Don’t worry if this sounds like a lot to remember - we will send you reminders of all deadlines in messages each month, including to let you know when draft invoices are ready to be reviewed, at which point you can open them from your app to send them to parents. All unopened invoices will then be opened automatically 7 days before the due date.

As ever, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the payments team if you have any questions or need anything clarifying!

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