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Easily access your certificates from the tiney app

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As soon as you're registered, you'll be able to access your registration and training certificates all in one place - in your tiney app. These are important for sharing with prospective parents and providing evidence of your registration, which you can do at anytime from your app.

How do I find the certificate?

  1. Head to the account screen in your tiney app (click on your profile photo from anywhere to get there).

  2. Click on "My Certificates"

  3. Select whether you want to view Registration or Training Certificates

How do I share the certificates?

  1. When viewing the certificate, find the sharing icon on your phone as highlighted below (this can be in a slightly different position on different phones).

  2. Select how you would like to share the certificate, e.g. via text message, email or Whatsapp to a prospective parent.

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